What We Offer


Providing Individual, Personalized Advising Using Our Exclusive 5-I Model of Academic Advising

I use proven methods which allow me to comprehensively support students by developing trusting, productive relationships. I approach advising using the “5 I” model of support:
Information: I will help you find or directly provide you the information you need to successfully navigate college.

Instruction: I will teach you how to find your way through college, how to make informed decisions, and explain complex policies and procedures.

Investigation: I will help you research problems and challenges you encounter throughout your college experience and find the solutions you need.

Interpersonal: I will listen to you and learn about your interests, goals, concerns. I will advocate for you when interacting with your institution.

Integration: I will help you tie it all together and plan for the future! By anticipating your needs, I can make recommendations for next steps.


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Services provided via web meeting, phone, email, and in-person (Jacksonville, Florida area)


$150 / hour

  • Pay-as-you-go on an hourly basis
  • Overview of college resources and orientation to college
  • Help finding answers and solving problems
  • Provide answers to your questions
  • Strategies and tips for navigating college, locating, and using resources

$200 / month

  • Discuss academic and career goals and identify viable options
  • Research and explain academic program requirements
  • Review program requirements and progress and develop academic plan
  • Provide list of questions and issues for student to discuss with university personnel
  • Serve as neutral source for conflicts between student and university personnel

$250 / month

  • Communicate directly with college personnel on the student's behalf
  • Accompany student (virtually, as needed) to advising and other institutional meetings
  • Proactively research and provide specific information about university, college, school, and program policies and procedures
  • Proactively review student record and identify successes and areas of concern
  • Communicate to-do items and important deadlines based on academic calendar
  • Review and interpret emails and notifications from university personnel and recommend appropriate actions
  • Access to webinars and group sessions